Profi Services Division offers our customers with a wide range of repair and re-manufacturing, services and maintenance solutions.

From valves to risers, tubing spool to drilling adapters, a growing number of customers trust Turcomp’s Services and Technical Team for performing equipment repairs, re-manufacturing and re-certification.


PROFI owns a numbers of repair facilities that would be able to offer a full range of equipment repair services, and not just for Turcomp products.

Typical Turcomp repair services include disassembly, inspection, engineering review/disposition, parts replacement or repair, reassembly and testing. Your repaired equipment will be brought back to the specified service level, and they comes with factory warranty and installation support.


Preventive maintenance and servicing helps to minimize down time and extend the life of the equipment. Profi provides routine inspections and scheduled maintenance services which would reduce the operation burden of our customers.